Sunday, July 17, 2011

And then it happened

I could post a lot of stuff about life in general but I guess I'll post this.  Cali is the sweetest place on earth I've found to date.  That's after searching hard and long.  Searching USA, Latin America, and Asia.  I maybe wrong but Cog has finally come home.  Cali, is a lot like Texas but with more possibilities.  If you ever thought it was just the bay area or LA then you were wrong.  It is mainly rural and hard to find another soul at times.  It is not expensive yet more affordable than what you may know.  The pic from my front yard will do justice.

oh yeah, and I have a holy neck beard now ...


  1. gurr, makin me wanna move to cali. you git. XD many have tried, but your few simple words, compell more than any other. i might hafta: mv digit cali/

  2. Well if I see your epic hair roll past at the country store, I'll know what's up. :-) it's nice to see some post on here. Mainly just been using Tonto to lordsburg for honest expression and really appreciate u contributitng the comment aspect old boy. Need to check out your blogs too. See ya around digit.

  3. Thew in the final growth pic from this.. the overall achievement of cog's year.