Thursday, April 28, 2011


My brother bought my dinner tonight.  He has 3 and soon 4 kids all 1 year apart with a base number of 2.  What struck me  as so interesting was watching the children play this evening after dinner.

My nephews are all caucasions.  They were having such a good time unhibitedly with a hispano kid.  Nobody knew names, yet they were making up nicknames and playing like they knew each other forever.  It was such a beautiful experience.

There was no classification of race, age or any other label.  No premade judgement.  Why don't we as adults do this?  It's because of our injured hearts.  While we can draw on so much knowledge, we use it for evil to often times when it could be used for creative pleasure.

In contrast, often times we break through these walls only to feel weird when it's all said and done feeling like after the good times are over that we should fall back to a pre-medative idea.  Long live unconditional love.

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